timbre \ˈtam·bər \ noun

the unmeasurable quality of a sound that reveals the source of production and distinguishes it from other sounds of the same pitch and volume; the color of a sound.


How does timbre relate to design and architecture?

In music, the word timbre describes an unmeasurable quality of sound that makes it unique. The the visual realm lacks a synonymous word; all descriptions of space are quantifiable attributes such as volume, height, and adjacency. We are interested in exploring the experiential aspect of space.

Why is this important?

According to the EPA, the average American adult spends 93% of their time indoors - that’s over 22 hours per day! We are often unaware of how these built environments affect us psychologically, and what an important role they play in our lives.

Who is Timbre Architecture?

We are an architecture and design studio based in Oakland, California. Our experience ranges from residential remodels to commercial and community projects sited across the Bay Area and farther afield. We are a multi-faceted design team coming from architectural backgrounds with diverse experience in education, non-profit development, construction, and fine art. Because we have such a wide range of skills, we believe that we bring a more holistic approach to our work as designers. We enjoy a collaborative design process amongst our design team as well as between client and architect.

What are our Values?

At Timbre Architecture, we believe good design should be accessible to everyone. We are committed to working in partnership with our clients and communities to create sustainable, site-specific solutions that foster meaningful interactions between people and their environment. In a word, buildings should help people thrive.