Back Yard Oasis

From garage to studio apartment, this transformation is a sight to behold! 

In response to the proposed Border Wall

 While working towards my Master in Architecture at California College of the Arts, I researched a thesis project on the border condition at El Paso - Juarez. In this dual nation city, there is a Friendship Park that is situated partly in the US and partly in Mexico.

This 'friendship park' is separated by a dry river bed, a highway, fences and razor wire.  My thesis proposal used the open space on the Mexican side to create a much needed water treatment plant. The dry riverbed was transformed into a memorial park for those missing or lost to border crossing attempts.  

Inhabitants from each country are allowed to 'visit' the other country's park by walking through a chain link enclosure, held aloft. They could engage with, and yet remain separated from one another. 

On this inauguration day, I'd like to post some images of this thesis project in response to President Trump's proposed border wall. It is my hope that we start learning how to connect with one another rather than fearing one another. #WeWontBuildYourWall 

Reflections on an introduction to leadership

In my first years working as an architect-in-training I was asked to lead a Rebuilding Together build day. When I arrived on site at prep day I remember my boss looking at me and saying, "What do you want us to do?" He wanted instruction...from me? I handed him a bucket of paint and asked him to start priming the walls. In the end Kate Kennedy Middle School got a facelift and I got an education in leadership.