Bridgett Shank

Bridgett is the founder of Timbre Architecture. Since her childhood she has dreamed up houses and sketched out floor plans to perfect the layouts. She pursued these dreams by majoring in architecture at the University of Cincinnati and later a master’s degree from the California College of Arts. Bridgett is now a licensed architect and has been practicing in the Bay Area for over a decade. After so many years of education and practice she now feels her design ability has become substantially more informed, and her sketching techniques enhanced by the digital age. Outside of the office, Bridgett has been known to dedicate significant amounts of time to organizing things, traveling the world taking photos without people in them, and to skating around a derby track in circles with the Oakland Outlaws.


Chris Pohlar

Chris Pohlar loves to build; he is fascinated by Urban networks, communities, transportation, and a history of place. As a Midwest native, he took advantage of the opportunity to travel through the Cooperative Education Program at the University of Cincinnati. Leaning heavily on the influence of cities like San Francisco, Portland and Washington DC, he adopted Cincinnati as his home and has pursued modern renovations of historic buildings for over a decade. With long-term vision and inspiration, his efforts have been formalized by co-founding Grey Rock Property Development.

Megan Carter Borsari

Megan Carter Borsari is a Bay Area based designer and founder of CB Design. A native Northern Californian, Megan spent several years traveling the globe teaching English after college where she was reminded of her early childhood passion for architecture. She went back to school to pursue her rekindled interest, obtaining a Masters degree in Architecture at California College of the Arts. Since then Megan has been involved in projects ranging from home remodels and additions, new home construction, multi-family, and commercial interiors. She is passionate about creating spaces that are open, light-filled and responsive to the environment. When not at her desk, Megan can be seen running after her toddler, taking walks with her husband, and testing out her design ideas on her home.

Aaron Lim

Aaron is a designer and native of San Francisco where he developed a passion for architecture at an early age building pillow forts on the weekends and drawing spaceships in class. After an introduction to the profession in high school, he went on to study the craft at The Cooper Union in New York and for a year abroad at The Bartlett in London graduating with a professional degree in architecture. Since graduating, Aaron has held many jobs in art and design, but finds himself returning to architecture time and again to satisfy his original passion for the built world. Outside of architecture, he maintains a jewelry practice where he creates minimal and elegant designs informed by architecture. He is passionate about the environment and is a lifelong runner.

Harvey and Gizmo 

We would be remiss not to mention our two full-time office mates Harvey-dog and Gizmo-kitty. They work hard to keep us entertained, calm us after stressful deadlines, and remind us not to take life too seriously!